First of all, put yourself in situation. You are going to capture on paper the summary of your life. Think about the following points:

  1. Your CV has to have something that makes you stand out from the mountain of competitors who have also applied. It is important to find that hook. It can be the support (a video instead of a sheet of paper), the color (what if we forget the classic white?), the shape (you have 3 dimensions, don’t stay in two), the content (sometimes the most important thing is not what you have studied but what you are willing to offer) or the register (lyrics versus narration), to cite a few examples.
  2. Your CV is your business card. Take care of every last detail. Don’t allow yourself any failure. Spelling mistakes, typographical errors or design mismatches give an image of you that is very difficult to raise. Extreme care. Review the content a thousand times, subject it to strict scrutiny. Ask for help to locate possible oversights.
  3. Although a CV isn’t a rigorous record of your history, never lie. You can offer your best face. In fact, you and only you choose what you want to tell about yourself. You can even avoid information or periods of inactivity, but it’s a fundamental pillar that your CV only contains truths.
  4. Your CV must be pleasant to read. It has to catch the recruiter’s attention. Think about it. Most CV’s are inflammable bricks. No matter how good you have to say, if you’re boring, they won’t listen to you. It’s very important that you take care in the storytelling of your resume (check our post “The importance of storytelling”).
  5. Don’t rush if you don’t have professional experience yet. In your CV you only have to show that betting on you is a good business. Tell what makes you different, what your strengths are, what you would like to achieve and, above all, what you can contribute.

In reality, all the advice boils down to one: put enthusiasm on it. Look for ideas. Don’t cover a mere procedure. Show that you know how to do things well.

Reflect on what they would like to find in your CV and apply. A bonus track: if you can, make a personalized CV for each job offer.

It’s you, don’t let anyone let that train pass.