You will have heard this expression a thousand times which, like so many other anglicisms, is already part of many conversations. Actually, with the “storytelling” tool, the inspiring effects of telling a good story are deepened. At the base of culture, one of the great evolutionary successes of Homo Sapiens, is rooted the stimulating power of stories. Language is common to many animal species but the ability to tell stories only belongs to us.

In a selection process, being effective in capturing the recruiter’s attention is an essential hook. Because of this, the importance of creating a CV that stands out from the rest (see in the next post “How to do a CV”). However, once you have already been able to accomplish this difficult task, another no less decisive task comes: to captivate with what you are going to tell.

Try to transmit the content of your resume as if it were a story. Find a way to tell a story, your story. That your CV is not a mere list of milestones. Take imagination and create a story.

Head your CV with a brief introduction that acts as a summary of you and is very attractive. This small presentation should be a portrait of what you want to transmit. It can contain your goals, your plans, your achievements, your virtues or whatever you want. Write thinking about what impression the people who read will have form of you. Evaluate if that is what you want to express, spend a lot of time on this part and ask for help if necessary.

Find a way to make an enjoyable tour of your CV. Perhaps, someone who reads you is wanting to meet you, to know who is behind that story. And above all, they want to count on you to be part of their team.