The hardest issue about entering the labor market is breaking that diabolical vicious circle saying that “since you don’t have experience, we won’t hire you – Since we didn’t hire you, you have no experience”. It is an apparently perfect paradox. However, it isn’t all lost. Attitude is one of the inalienable powers of the human being. Only oneself is sovereign in the sense of his attitude. Never give up that powerful ability to decide how you are going to face any challenge and remember that, if others did it, you won’t be less.

It’s decisive, therefore, that you maintain a significant spirit of resistance. And it is highly recommended that you protect your self-esteem storing it in a safe place. Finding the first job isn’t exactly an easy task.You must accommodate your expectations to your possibilities and, therefore, be prepared to sustain a situation of uncertainty that, at any moment, will cease. Don’t have any doubt about that.

It’s essential to minimize the resistance to breaking the cursed circle that you start “looking for work” before you really start doing it. The predisposition to be a good candidate must begin as soon as possible. This means that you must plan activities (published writings, stays abroad, development of your own social networks…) that, in your normal life, can add quality to your curriculum and that have been developed before you started your job search.

With the magnitude of information and contacts that the digital world offers, it’s interesting that you investigate who are the most important people in the sector you want to work for. Having suitable references is a very good way to be aware of new job opportunities. And many of these people also, selflessly, perform mentoring tasks that are an excellent springboard for students.

As in life, in the workplace, doing things well is a way to approach success. It’s essential that you put passion and deep interest in your professional career. Imagine where you want to go and make a plan. Healthy ambition is an excellent engine and an effective incentive. Look for the best in you and offer it to others.