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Know yourself and you will know the universe and the gods”, this was one of the famous sentences that illustrated the entrance to the Oracle of Delphi and that Plato put in the mouth of Socrates in one of his dialogues. This phrase contains great wisdom and you should always remember it. Let’s see how you can apply it when you’re starting to think about your future.

First, and more important than it may seem, you’ve to decide what success means to you. Take quality time to seriously reflect on this point and you’ll save yourself a lot of disappointment. It’s not the same to yearn for a comfortable income than for a job where you can leave a mark than for a time or geographical freedom.

Find your engine.

Second, identify what’s the task you would love to spend many hours of your time. The current working journey is 40 hours a week, as many as you should spend sleeping. Until you start working, you’re not able to calculate the magnitude of that time. It’s crucial to find a task that you enjoy doing. It will be the only way to not experience your work as a sentence.

Find your passion.

Finally, commit to yourself to be better at your subject every day. May the pursuit of excellence be a stimulus and an incentive for you simultaneously. Both stimuli and incentives are the gasoline of progress.

Switch it on.

If you pay attention, following these apparently simple steps is only possible if you fulfill the first part of the aphorism that heads this post. As soon as you satisfy that premise, the prophecy promised by the second part will be fulfilled.

It’s not easy to find success but you’ll find the way if you use the right strategy.

Good luck!