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Since we’re born, all of us, even the simplest unicellular beings, are condemned to learn. We are continually subdued to an eternal learning process. Don’t think that with your academic journey your formative stage ends. Always keep that beginner’s vocation in mind and quickly absorb everything the world teaches you.

This attitude will provide you with two competitive advantages. On the one hand, it will guarantee you a learning-gathering posture that will make you increasingly competent. On the other hand, it will safeguard you from the erroneous belief that you must know everything and be infallible.The important thing is to find the balance between the desire to know more and the humility of never knowing everything.

If you face life as a succession of screens that you must overcome, you’ll never get tired of staying in the gap.And in a complementary way, you will accumulate experiences that will make you more and more versatile. Surely you know how to find in this demanding task a good stimulus to work on your self-improvement.

The world is evolving faster than ever. And it all gets a little more complex progressively. Acquiring new skills and constantly incorporating the latest advances is now a necessity rather than a choice.