¿Cómo preparar una entrevista?

Beyond the obvious, which we will also review, there are some interesting aspects to highlight that, surely, you don’t take into account. Let’s see ten basics and make sure you don’t go to any interview without reviewing each one of these steps. Good luck.

  1. Punctuality. Not only because is a minimum in any person’s presentation, but also because going early will give you peace of mind. If you have to move, try to know the area beforehand to avoid unexpected events. And if it’s an online meet, have everything prepared in advance. The feeling of control is very important.
  2. Appropriate appearance. Try to feel comfortable in every way. It is important to make a good impression, but it is even more important to be true to yourself. Don’t give an image too far removed from your own; Keep in mind that, in order to not disappoint, you will have to keep it once you have passed this first stage.
  3. Naturalness. You are doing a job interview, not the Final Judgment. Try to be relaxed and create a relaxed atmosphere. Behave with formal spontaneity. It’s good that you give the impression of being at ease. Take this first meeting as a friendly chat. At the end, it’s just a simply first contact.
  4. Prepare a small presentation of who you are and memorize it. Introduce in it all the details that you consider important and try to say it in all interviews. You can adapt it based on the selection process, but it starts from a valid basis for any time. This will avoid you embarrassing moments.
  5. Prepare the answers to the questions you are most likely to be asked. Look for solid arguments and compelling reasons. Practice repeatedly. It’s as if you were going to pass an exam about your life, don’t let it be said that you don’t know it!
  6. Prepare the questions that you have to ask. It’s your chance to shine, show your interest and show them how much you’re worth. Look for intelligent questions that surprise them.
  7. Good taste in the mouth. Try to end the meeting always leaving a good feeling. That the person who interviews you thinks that working with you must be very stimulating.
  8. Courtesy. At any time in a selection process, this point is basic. But it is true that it is not very common to send a thank you email once the interview is over. This detail will help you stand out from the rest.
  9. Review the entire interview and identify your strengths and the mistakes that have occurred. Learn from every experience. Evaluate yourself and find a way to avoid failures for the next time.
  10. Go ahead with optimism. No matter what happens, your life won’t end because of an interview.