Almost two centuries have passed since Charles Darwin dared to divulge his great theory. Since then, we already know that natural selection acts by eliminating the least fit. And, because of that, the secret formula to survive is to adapt. The term “resilience” (which, curiously, reaches its first peak in Google searches the first week that the state alarm was decreed in our country) refers precisely to the ability to adapt and has been for a few years one of the most sought after “soft skills” in personnel selection processes.

Changes have always been a constant in life. However, now they happen more and more frequently. And it is clear that the type of life of your great-great-grandparents was much more leisurely than yours. The pace is now hectic and the need to keep up is more important than ever. The pace is now hectic and the need to keep up is more important than ever.

In this new panorama so moved, the new generations have an advantage. You are in your natural habitat: constant change and sustained stimulation. Video game culture implicitly carries these characteristics: an unknown environment, endless challenges, constant alertness and a vocation for continuous play. It seems that digital natives haven’t only been molded to deal with agility when communicating with screens. Also the plasticity of your brain has adapted to the new conditions and cognitive demands that the world of new technologies illuminates.

However, we must not forget that this continuous demand for care also has its counterpart. Commitment and loyalty, in the form of adhering to a project, are also essential in the search for success. What sometimes happens is that they are incompatible with a restless and impatient state of mind. It is essential, therefore, to find the balance. And if embracing changes is an adaptive behavior, moderating the search for new stimuli is an inertia that you should learn to overcome. 

The ideal employee today is the one in constant training, with autonomous initiative, with a global vision, focused on values that transcend personal and economic interests. An employee so adapted to change that he propels it. Are you the ideal employee?