Sunny skies, majestic architecture and a vibrant, colorful culture; just a few of Spain’s charms that keep visitors coming back year after year. With so much to offer, applicants looking for the best internships in Spain will struggle not to find what they’re looking for amongst the sandy beaches and cosmopolitan cities.

Choosing between Spain internships abroad is the beginning of an adventure that will afford you hands-on work experience from international companies, a range of transferable skills, and complete immersion in Spanish culture. 

There is no better way to see a country than by experiencing its daily routine amidst a crowd of locals, and the best internships in Spain offer just that. Better yet, you may even perfect those Spanish language skills for a further resume boost.

Here’s a sneak peek of the best internships in Spain for foreign students and aspiring careerists. 

  1. Connect 123 in Barcelona
  2. The Intern Group in Madrid
  3. Absolute Internship in Madrid
  4. Atlantis Healthcare Internships
  5. Barcelona SAE
  6. CISabroad in Barcelona
  7. PINC International LLC Internships for females
  8. Global Experiences internships in Barcelona
  9. Intern Abroad HQ
  10. Go-Eco Eco-friendly Hospitality Internships 

10 best Spain internship programs this year 

Editor’s note: This information was accurate at the time of publishing. Please refer to each individual program for current data.

Connect-123 logo

1. Connect 1-2-3—10

“Connect-123 helped to facilitate one of the best summers I’ve ever had, in Barcelona, Spain. They gifted me with the opportunity to travel and work abroad in the field that I love, all the while learning a new culture. They made sure that my experience was as great as possible, matching me up with an amazing host workplace, continually checking in on me, and always available for tips on how to get adjusted. Honestly I can not thank them enough for the opportunity!” Read more Connect 1-2-3 reviews here

  • Where? Barcelona
  • When? Various dates and durations available.
  • Why? Connect-123’s Spain internships in Barcelona include opportunities in the fields of business, medicine, and design, to name a few. Your skills and interests are carefully matched to those of local host organizations, including small businesses, hospitals, NGOs and schools. Those looking to improve their Spanish language skills can undertake an internship requiring intermediate or advanced capabilities in the language already, although English speaking opportunities are also available.
  • More program info available here
The Intern Group logo

2. The Intern Group—9.39

“The team at intern Madrid is amazing. They are organized, prompt, and help make Madrid feel like home. I left feeling 100% satisfied with my experience and would love to do it all over again. I recommend this program to anyone. If you put in the effort, you are going to meet many people and learn so much about business and culture.” Read more The Intern Group reviews here

  • Where? Madrid.
  • When? 3 month to multiple year long programs available with year-round start dates.
  • Why? The intern group connects participants with successful, global companies for a career development experience like no other. Based in Madrid, Spain’s bustling cosmopolitan capital, interns here gain access to high-level professional development opportunities, and a chance to connect with the heartbeat of Spanish culture. 
  • More program info available here
Absolute Internship logo

3. Absolute Internship—9.84

“My name is Rachel and I’m a sophomore at the University of Georgia. I was so grateful to have done my first internship in Madrid. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is seriously considering working internationally in the future. My Absolute coordinator in Madrid was extremely helpful and honestly made my experience so much more pleasant and fun. I also really enjoyed the included activities, like the weekend in Barcelona, the tapas cooking class and the visit to the Santiago Bernabeu soccer stadium. I had a great experience and I’d definitely return to Spain after graduation!” Read more Absolute Internship reviews here

  • Where? Madrid
  • When? Annually
  • Why? From entrepreneurship to fashion and tourism, Absolute Internship offer award winning intern abroad in Spain programs, which prepare participants for competitive job markets in a number of top fields. Based in Madrid, you’ll benefit from the city’s vibrant social scene outside of the workplace as well as ideal prospects for career development in a number of key industries.
  • More program info available here
Atlantis logo

4. Atlantis—9.68

“My three weeks in Ponferrada, Spain were exactly what I needed to affirm my decision to be a Pre-Med student. Shadowing doctors in Pediatrics, Surgery, and Internal Medicine not only helped to broaden my views of the different specialities, but also allowed me to make lasting connections with medical professionals who genuinely cared about my learning experience. I observed far more than I expected for an undergraduate student, even getting to witness an amputation. Aside from my time in the Hospital, I got to immerse myself in Spanish culture and visit towns that most tourists never see. My Fellowship was extremely worthwhile and will undoubtedly aid me as I continue my path towards a career in Medicine.” Read more Atlantis reviews here

  • Where? Canary Islands, Cuenca, Ourense, Pontevedra, Toledo, Zaragoza
  • When? 1-8 week long programs, summer and winter.
  • Why? An ideal opportunity to gain hands on experience in the medical field, this internship is specifically designed for pre-medical and pre-healthcare students, offering real-life insights into the field of work to help boost resumes and advance career development. Based throughout a number of regions of Spain, the location options all ‘not so widely visited by tourists’ spots, meaning that interns get an authentic taste of Spanish lifestyles during their time overseas.
  • More program info available here
Barcelona SAE logo

5. Barcelona SAE—9.0

“I’ve always wanted to go abroad and I knew that Barcelona SAE would be the perfect opportunity for me to do so. I did a 6-week customized internship. I worked for Grant Thornton, a prestigious accounting firm. The SAE program provided me with all of the resources and tools for me to enjoy my experience and most importantly, for me to learn and succeed. If you have the opportunity to intern or study abroad in Barcelona, do not hesitate! Not only do you gain professional experience, but you also get to experience the Spanish culture. It’s worth it!” Read more Barcelona SAE reviews here

  • Where? Barcelona 
  • When? Annually
  • Why? Barcelona sits at the top of most visitors’ Spanish bucket lists, and for good reason. Get under the skin of this vibrant, cultural city by spending an extended period of time as an intern in Spain, living in the city. Gain workplace expertise and skills from with companies amidst this important global city. The opportunities are also highly customizable, making them ideal to fit any applicants’ requirements and aspirations.
  • More program info available here
CISabroad logo

6. CISabroad—8.43

“I chose to do a 6 week internship during the summer in Barcelona. I completed an internship at Barcelona well women center. I had the best time due to my amazing boss. I lived in a homestay and it was a great cultural experience! CIS offered a lot of great events to go to and group hangouts. One of my personal favorites was the cooking class where we learned to make traditional Spanish food like paella and pan con tomate. Barcelona is one of the best places I’ve been and I cannot wait to go back.” Read more CIS Abroad reviews here. 

  • Where? Barcelona
  • When? Year-round, in line with academic term and semester dates.
  • Why? Participants on one of these international internships in Spain with CIS Abroad enjoy both the social and educational sides of life in Barcelona, the Spanish city that never sleeps . Programs are matched to applicant’s fields of interest, offering the opportunity to gain skills and experience in an international setting, which will boost future career plans, whilst also exploring the many sides to this never-boring home from home.
  • More program info available here
PINC logo

7. PINC International LLC—9.8

“Choosing to apply to the PINC program was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my personal and professional growth. Thanks to Lisette and the city managers’ guidance, it was a smooth transition and positive experience even when there were inevitable bumps in the road. Thanks to PINC, I have more self confidence and awareness, the opportunity to network with colleagues in my chosen field, better overall Spanish language proficiency, and more cultural competence. Madrid is an amazing, cosmopolitan setting to meet new people and learn both hard and soft skill sets to become the professional you have dreamed of being. Lisette and her team were always available to answer questions and they also made you feel like a valuable part of the PINC community. If you’re thinking of applying, take the leap, savor each day, and be open to the experience changing you for the better.” Read more PINC International LLC reviews here

  • Where? Madrid
  • When? Annually
  • Why? PINC International LLC offer female only internships in Spain with a focus on cultural immersion, language skill development and career experience, all rolled into one fun-filled package. Based in the Spanish capital city of Madrid, participants are never far from an intriguing sight to explore, or a hub of social interaction to experience. Live in Spain with a local lifestyle, surrounded by other ambitious female interns. Programs focus on a range of career paths, offering opportunities to gain experience specific to fields such as marketing, finance or business, among others, an ideal opportunity to boost your future career.
  • More program info available here
Global Experiences logo

8. Global Experiences—9.79

“My experience Interning abroad through global experiences in Barcelona was absolutely amazing. My on grounds supervisor, Inma, was super helpful and sweet. I got to travel, meet new people, and learn so much during my time at my internship. Truly an amazing experience and I recommend for everyone to go abroad at least once during their life.” Read more Global Experiences reviews here

  • Where? Barcelona
  • When? Year-round
  • Why? Based in Barcelona, one of Europe’s most vibrant and progressive cities, Global Experiences offer opportunities to intern abroad in Spain in the business center, and capital city of Catalonia. The program is tailored to applicants’ preferred future career field, providing key international experience across a range of workplaces. Career development coaching, interview, and application training are also included in the program. Interning will not only afford you with great workplace experience, but also a fun, social environment in which to enjoy life in Barcelona. 
  • More program info available here
Intern Abroad HQ logo

9. Intern Abroad HQ—9.25

“My experience with Intern Abroad HQ was nothing less than amazing. It was an eye opening and life-changing experience for me. Going into the program I had originally planned on volunteering but when I heard you could intern I realized I wanted to do that instead. My plan is to go into Occupational Therapy and this internship was the perfect opportunity and experience for that. Working with underprivileged children and learning disabilities was something I haven’t done before. Seeing how happy they were to be shown love and support from not only the therapist but other volunteers and interns like myself, was a great feeling…” Read more Intern Abroad HQ reviews here

  • Where? Valencia
  • When? Available year-round.
  • Why? Intern Abroad HQ’s programs are ideal for applicant’s looking to boost their resume whilst experiencing the quieter, cultural Spanish city of Valencia. The international internships in Spain offer applicants a range of focuses to select from, meaning that the program can easily be tailored towards any career path. Internships also include guided reflections centred around soft-skill development, to ensure that transferable capabilities are honed throughout the time spent overseas. This holistic approach to personal development is an ideal foundation for the next steps in job applications and interviewing. 
  • More program info available here
GoEco logo

10. GoEco Eco-Friendly Internships—10

“It was an incredible experience because I worked in a youth hostel where I met a lot of people coming from all around the world, with different cultures and customs, who wanted to share with others, visit Barcelona, go to the beach etc … It was a very good atmosphere and the relationships between all of us were so great! It is very easy to have friends when you work as a volunteer in an hostel like this one, it was very enriching for me : I did breakfast, touristic visits, the bar … It was a way to learn more about life in firms and also meeting people and share a lot of great moments in a wonderful city! You will never get bored…It was awesome to meet people, speak different languages, know more about other cultures, the atmosphere of Spain!” Read more Go Eco reviews here

  • Where? Barcelona
  • When? 5-12 weeks, year-round.
  • Why? This interns in Spain opportunity is uniquely placed at an eco-friendly hostel in Barcelona. Participants have the opportunity to gain hands on work experience in a range of roles at the hostel, whilst also integrating with people from a range of international backgrounds. Ideal for those looking to gain experience in hospitality, tourism or business, the internship will also equip you with a range of workplace skills that can easily transfer to other environments. Not to mention that the eco-friendly twist has application in an even more diverse range of fields. 
  • More program info available here

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You’re ready to intern in Spain!

Best Internships in Spain
Colleagues turned lifelong friends? Recipe for success. 

With so many amazing opportunities to choose from, across a wide range of career fields, and situated throughout the beautiful, cultural landscapes of Spain, there is nothing stopping you from signing up to intern in Spain today! 

Regardless of which opportunity tops your personal charts, you’ll certainly bring home more than just happy memories from your time overseas. As well as gaining experience that directly links to your chosen career path, you’ll have the opportunity to pick up a range of soft skills, which can transfer into a multitude of roles, and bolster your job applications long into the future. 

Aside from amazing personal development opportunities, international internships in Spain also offer unique travel experiences. Being fully integrated into the local culture and lifestyle as you participate in daily life alongside the rest of the population is an ideal way to truly experience the magic of a place.

Spain has plenty of special treats to offer its visitors too, from laid back dinners that stretch until midnight, tasty tapas and vibrant flamenco shows, unique architecture and an enticing language to learn, visitors will revel in the beauty of this wonderful destination.